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Start by learning the basics of good horsemanship – and progress to winning in National level competition. Select Show Horses is committed to helping all of our riders achieve their equestrian goals.


Children can start as young as 5. And, we have a number of adult riders, some of whom are well into their 60’s.

Lessons consist of 35-40 minutes riding time. Students spend time at the beginning and end of lessons learning to groom, tack and care for their mounts.


Experienced lesson horses take good care of
beginning riders and skilled instructors help students learn fundamentals.


Beginner and Intermediate lessons are Mondays, Wednesdays and 
Sundays.  Space is limited, and may require wait-listing. Advanced lessons for show
competitors on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.



-1 lesson a week for the first month

(new clients only)

PACKAGE 1: $160

-1 riding lesson a week each month (5th week no charge)

PACKAGE 2: $280

-2 riding lessons a week each month (5th week no charge)

COVID-19 Guidelines

  • We have 5 riders per lesson

  • Barn and tack will be disinfected daily

  • We ask anyone who feels ill or has family members that are ill to stay home

  • We will continue to follow the State, Federal and CDC guidelines


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